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Tuesday, 25-Nov-2008 02:31 Email | Share | | Bookmark

mini pelamin, lovely
last touch up
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me n ariff has known each other since 2000. we started as friends.. never actually liked him. selalu gadoh dalam kelas. pukul die dengan penyapu. (yes i really did!)

2003 - met again, and in love. i never thought that we could go this far. we have gone through loads of ups and downs. 5years together, now engaged and will be married next year. i just hope and keep praying that this love will stay forever... pray for our happiness ok?

thanks also to my wonderful family for brighten the day. they really work hard on it and we all had a blast. meriah!

my girls - u ladies rock! for the uninvited friends, jgnla kecik ati ok? nanti i kawen i jemput sume skali. rumah aku kecik. ari tu pon sume da kepanasan sbb rmi and cuaca mmg panas. kt hall xde ekon pulak.

ni meh nk promo sket.

mini pelamin - kak shaja (gerbang perkahwinan impian)
makeup artist - lenny (gorgeously done)
dress - sewed by che lah
photographer - Greenapple design
cupcakes - kak ellie (deheart cupcakes)

ok, that's all for now. daa!

much love,

Friday, 24-Oct-2008 03:20 Email | Share | | Bookmark
the blossom NZ trip

BRANZ Oct 08
me n 'kakak'
with Debbie
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i'm back from NZ. i cant believe that i couldn't wait to go home on the very third day. not that i'm homesick or anything but, the working environment, the group this time was not very pleasing. stressful days... the only time i enjoyed being there was when sight seeing time come. hihihi.. NZ is splendouring with spring. and i am so loving it. all the wild flowers blossoming and the view was heaven. my boss asked us to go there again. longer time, more work. argh.. i just couldnt bear it. i said no quickly. i dont want any rashes, cuts, scratches on the day ok. plus i have a lot to do by december. so, i have to say no to the next trip. maybe next time. is there next time? mmhh...

Tuesday, 19-Aug-2008 10:22 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Pangkor aug 08

saye dan menara condong
di dalam
aiman memang degil
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saye suka pulau. saye suke pantai. tapi saye tidak suka pangkor. sebenarnye saye kasihan kepada pangkor. sungguh kotor, menyedihkan. saye tidak mahu lagi kembali ke sane. saye harap pulau perhentian tidak jadi seperti pangkor. cintailah alam sekitar kite.


Monday, 11-Aug-2008 03:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
dyah + cain's big day

mcm biaserla
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congrats to both of you! after bp thn tah kapel, kawen jugak korang. alhamdulillah...

it was a great wedding, dyah pon cun giles! kiteorg pon galak2 mcm biaser la kan, time kenduri kwn2 nih.

wish could stay longer sbb nk amek gmbr.. huhuhu... apekan daya..

dyah n cain, all the best! we love you! all the best! cpt dpt bb ramai2 k.

Wednesday, 6-Aug-2008 06:51 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Island hopping aug 08

upon arrival!
this boat ride was scary!
syiok @ perhentian
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oh, i'm so tanned! pakai bedak pon jadi kelabu asap! haha!

1-3/8, we (me, yana, hana n olynn) went to perhentian, redang and lang tengah trip. this is our first island trip together. we had a blast! i definitely enjoyed and thought that we should have stayed for a longer period.

we met few new friends, which was cool coz bertambah meriah gitu.

i rili2 love snorkeling and looking forward for the scuba diving stuff pulak..heheh berangan kejap....

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